• In 2016 It’s More Important to Build an Email Marketing List Than Ever


    Building an email marketing list is a vital part of almost any business strategy.

    Yes, even in 2016, an era where everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to communicate.

    The reality is, email is far from being overshadowed by these methods of communication—in fact, 72% of adults in the United States use email on their mobile devices at least once a week, according to the analysts at Forrester. Similarly, research conducted by marketing research firm Harris Interactive found that 81% of online shoppers in the United States will make extra purchases as a direct result of having received a marketing email.

    We could sit here and talk about statistics all day long, but the reality is this: email marketing works better than ever in 2016, and if you’re not doing it, you’re almost literally leaving money on the table.

    With this in mind, these are the important questions: how do you build an email marketing list? How do you get a positive return on your investment?

    Let’s look at a few important considerations so that you can start building an email marketing list for your business.

    Give Users a Reason to Sign Up

    The most important factor in how successfully (and rapidly) you’ll be able to build your email marketing list is whether or not you’re giving your users or customer base a good reason to sign up.

    People get enough email as it is. For them to give up their address, you’ve got to give them something worth the “risk.”

    This is usually referred to as an incentive or a lead magnet.

    Examples include:

    • Ebooks
    • Audio content
    • Video content
    • Invitations to webinars or other presentations
    • Coupons or discounts
    • Other special deals

    Note that the above kinds of offerings must be exclusive to members of your email marketing list—the only way to get these benefits should be by signing up. If the user can get something for free or a discount in some other way, why would they bother giving over their email address?

    Don’t Go Overboard With Messages

    Once you actually have a customer on your email marketing list, you don’t want to bombard them with messages every day. Once or twice a week at the very most should be enough, and be sure to pepper your “sales pitches” or other hard marketing emails with emails that provide interesting, helpful, or otherwise genuinely valuable content. Ideally you’ll be able to blend the two together. ?An email autoresponder is a great way to automate the process. ?Market Hero is the top performing software in the autoresponder space.

    Promote User Engagement With Your List

    Whenever possible, getting the members of your list to interact with you in some shape or form will almost always be beneficial. Ask them to complete a customer survey in return for some kind of reward (such as a discount). This will provide you with valuable data and the members of your list will feel involved in the continued development of your business. You may also wish to encourage your members to interact with you on social media.

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, you’re crazy if you aren’t building a list. Start getting subscribers today by offering them something valuable enough to give you their address. Once you have their email address, don’t abuse the privilege with too many hard sells, and give them the opportunity to interact and engage with you or your company. These steps continue to work in 2016, and will likely continue to work for years to come.