• 3 Quick Tips to Increase Follower Engagement on Social Media


    One of the most difficult parts of establishing a social media presence is, well, establishing it. Getting your followers to engage, share, and otherwise interact with the content that you’re presenting them with can be a challenge, but by following a few simple rules it isn’t nearly as difficult as you might have been lead to believe.

    Partner With Like-Minded People or Businesses

    Regardless of your niche or angle, there’s likely someone out there who’s at the least tangentially related to whatever it is you do, and it’s likely that one of these people also happens to have a larger social media presence than you do. Reach out to them and, if you can offer them a good enough reason, see if it would be possible to partner up and cross promote one another’s work.

    A mutually beneficial relationship like this can have staggeringly positive results for both parties—studies have indicated that consumers trust the advice and suggestions made by social media “influencers” by quite a bit more than standard advertising.

    Create More Video Content

    Specifically, more live video content. While updating your Twitter or Facebook followers about your latest YouTube video is a very good step in the right direction (and you should absolutely do it), pre-recorded videos don’t offer quite the same amount of urgency and freshness as live streaming. People love live streams because they get the opportunity to interact—either through a built in chat function or perhaps even through live phone calls.

    Live streaming is also generally unscripted and more “raw,” which can give your business a very human element. Consider a live stream in which you discuss your latest product or service and provide potential customers with the opportunity to ask questions or make comments.

    Specials, Coupons, and Promos

    There’s nothing new about this concept, but the old-hat way of getting attention through special offers is a strategy that will likely never stop creating buzz. But how can you use it to create follower engagement? By offering special deals exclusively to your social media followers—this is a great way of saying “thank you” and showing your appreciation for their support (and it’s more than a little likely to net you a few new followers along the way.)

    Collect as much data as you can while offering a special deal of this kind, since you’ll likely be able to use that information to garner details about what your audience responds to, and how you could make an even more successful promo campaign the next time you do it

    Final Thoughts

    If you’ve been reading between the lines, it’s possible that you’ve noticed that each of these three tips had a common theme: they’re all designed to add a more human element to your social media presence. People are awash with typical messages from a “faceless corporation.” Social media is about being social after all—remember that, always show your human side, and the followers will begin engaging with your content before you know it.

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