• Jonathan Schulter
    MTP Plumbing Heating and A/C

    I have been working on and off for a company called MTP Plumbing Heating and A/C on and off last 12 years. I used to be a technician’s assistant but 3 years ago. After an extended period of time working in Washington DC, I was assigned take over the marketing and advertising duties for the company. I had some background in this from working in DC. When I came in our online advertising was basically non-existent. There was no presence with social media, customer relations, email marketing, or any search engine optimization. We did have a basic website that brought in 1-4 customers per week. When our website was re-designed in 2013, not only were we highly disappointed and aggravated with every single aspect of the process but even more so with the results. Not only did the process take almost a year but they charged way too much for updates to the website and we lost what little online ranking we had for the company. As stated before we went from having 1-4 calls a week to 1-4 calls every 4-5 months if that. We had discussed with the advertising company that we were disappointed and were assured things would get
    better, but they never did. Not only that, but the communication with them was terrible and they never got back to us when we wanted them too. They were then trying to charge us 1,000’s per month for website changes and updates so we told them we finally had enough and we are going to look for someone else.

    We didn’t know where to turn until a recommendation came for an associate to use POP Advertising. It was the best decision our company has ever made. First off they are very easily accessible. I can call them numerous times and they will either answer or get back to me within hours. That is very rare of a company to do this
    considering I could never get through for days or weeks with the other advertising company. They show up on time to meetings, phone conferences and their overall communication process is terrific. After our initial meetings and deciding to do a SEO package, we went from having 1-4 calls every 4-5 months to having 1-4 calls per day after just 2-4 months of being with them. In our first month we acquired a service job for what developed to be a 125,000.00 job. That first month we targeted specific keywords for google on high revenue jobs and they delivered. We saw a great return investment for our money so we decided to upgrade our original SEO Package to a more extensive package as well. They increased our online presence in every way with social media assistance, an online review program exceeded our expectations, and website maintenance that is affordable and speedy with updates that go up quickly. I’ve never felt better than the decision we made to call POP advertising for our online marketing and SEO. There are so many SEO and advertising companies that promise you the world be these guys really did keep their word. We are looking to invest more money into them in the next 3 to 5 months and will continue to strengthen our relationship with them.