• Why your Chiropractor Business needs Search Engine Optimization


    Why your Chiropractor Business needs Search Engine Optimization

    If you own a business or have a website, then you most certainly have heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. But what does it really mean for your business?

    I’ll keep it brief:

    People every day are searching for the services they need in the places they need them.? They search for all types of terms.? Some of them you would even shake your head at.? But bottom line, people take out their phones, their laptops, and their computers to find the things they need.

    But do they search for Chiropractor terms?? They sure do.? Check this chart below from Google.? I ran a report for keywords related to Chiropractors in Bridgewater NJ.?

    chirporactor google adwords


    30 people per month type in the exact phrase “Chiropractor Bridgewater NJ.”? If your website in the Top 3 of Google, you would most certainly get calls and have quality leads.

    What could this mean for your Chiropractor business?

    I ran another report with a software I own that shows the value of that keyword when it ranks #1 in Google. I checked to see what the lifetime value of a chiropractic patient is and it’s estimated at around $1,500.

    When a website ranks #1, it will receive about 35% of the clicks.? Of those clicks, about 30% of those will turn into leads and patients.? See the chart below:

    Chiropractor SEO

    You can see how valuable a #1 Ranking for a SINGLE keyword could be.? That does not include referrals from those patients or recommendations.

    The potential value of 1 keyword per year with just 50 monthly searches is over $24,000.

    The only question is what are you waiting for?

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